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The gentleman that created the content on this, the original Suffolk Maths website and who owns the copyright to it, is Mark Greenaway. Follow him on Twitter @suffolkmaths. Mark is an AST in Suffolk who established this site in 2004 with the aim of providing up to date resources and documents to support the high quality teaching of Mathematics and information on the latest developments. 

Please note that as of March 2019, this site is not being updated and that its content may not reflect current teaching methods or syllabuses. For up to date content from Mark, please follow the link to his latest website here:

Video Explanation

A Little Effort Makes All the Difference

Real mathematics is about inquiry, communication, connections, and visual ideas. We don't need students to calculate quickly in math. We need students who can ask good questions, map out pathways, reason about complex solutions, set up models and communicate in different forms - Jo Boaler, Professor of Mathematics Education, Stanford University

Latest News and Resources in Maths Education

Superb blog by Jo @mathsjem who shares some Maths Gems each week -

Hosted by Craig Barton, the TES adviser for secondary maths, these podcasts bring you all the latest news, reviews and interviews with special guests from the world of maths. It all adds up to one fascinating discussion - or go to iTunes and look out for TES Maths

Using Dropbox

You will find that some of the resources are stored in my dropbox account, if you have a dropbox account which is free you can automatically sync to the checklist template files.  If you click on the link you will see a blue button which says "Download," press the little down arrow after the word Download and select "add to my Dropbox" the shared folder will then appear in your Dropbox list. 

For me the motivation to become a mathematician was the sheer beauty of the ideas, structures, and new ways of looking at the world. A world without knowing about primes, symmetry and 4D geometry would be like never hearing Mozart, seeing Picasso, or experiencing Shakespeare. A world without maths would be impoverished politically, technologically, scientifically and culturally.

Great article by Marcus du Sautoy concerning the age old question: Why do we have to learn this? -

Interesting application of mathematics in the field of auditing. Auditform offer some really interesting insights into auditing apps.

And another in response to the same question - Click here   @vaslona    and a third which looks at it from the students point of view - @dannybrown

TWITTER: I only follow those who tweet mathematical ideas and if you do start on twitter can I suggest the following people to follow
@MissBsResources @El_Timbre @mathsjem @Just_Maths @cOmplexnumber @TheMathsMagpie
@k8Nowak @solvemymaths @LeanneShawAHS @MathedUp @InquiryMaths @mathsequalslove
@Stacey_Maths @mrbartonmaths @mr_g_walton @Corbettmaths @AccessMaths @DUMaths
The list is clearly a starting point, but all of these continue to provide some excellent resources, blogs, news etc...



If you fancy writing your own blog then Jo @mathsjem believes the top three are wordpress, blogger and weebly.


For examples: RKMS ISO 9001 Consultants is wordpress is blogger and is weebly


For up to date content from Mark, please visit latest website here -