Documents for Teachers of Pupils working below National Curriculum Level 3

QCA, working with the DfES, published guidance to help teachers in planning, teaching and assessing the curriculum for pupils with learning difficulties. There are booklets on all curriculum subjects, including Personal, Social and Health Education. These include performance descriptions of pupilsí attainment in eight levels from P1 to P8   showing progress up to level 1 of the National Curriculum (better known as P scales or P levels). The performance descriptions for P1 to P3 are common across all subjects.

For a starting point for a Mathematics Policy - Click here
For a breakdown of the P Levels P1 - NC3 in an excel format - Click here
For a formatted version of the P Levels - Click here
For a breakdown of the P Levels (P1-P3) - Click here                (P4-NC2) - Click here
For an excellent document looking at the P Levels and the progression within them - Click here
For advice and suggestions on using Problem Solving in the Classroom - Click here
For a QCA document on the Scope of Learning in a Special School Maths Classroom - Click here

For examples of what pupils with Special Educational Needs should be able to do at each P level - Click here

Below level 1 Performance Descriptors

For a list of performance descriptors for those students achieving below level 1 Click here.

Assessing at Levels 1 and 2
For a test to assess ability at levels 1 and 2 Click here.

For materials to assess pupils level of understanding below NC level 3 Click here

SEN Audit Pack of Resources
This pack has been developed by the Learning Support Service and Mathematics consultants. Itís aim is to assist teachers in providing evidence for the SEN Audit. It is not to replace current good practise but to support the teachers who have been requesting additional guidance.

The criteria for assessment used are taken from the SEN Audit information, which is based on the National Curriculum and P Scales.  
For SEN Audit Administration Guidance document Click here
For SEN list of teacher resources Click here - see below for resources listed in this document
For SEN Mathematics Assessment Click here

4 x 5 10 Different Objects Coins
Colour Cards Farm Animals Number Cards 0-20
Number Lines Phone Cards Resource Sheets
Venn Diagram    

The Curriculum Guidelines are available on the website at: 

Click here to access National Curriculum level and GCSE Grade Descriptors and display materials

Click here to access the Maths frameworks for Years 1 through to 9