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Outside Providers Contextual Problems  

Farlingaye High School in Woodbridge, Suffolk adopt an investigative, exploratory, project based approach to their Year 7-8 curriculum.  This includes areas such as Iteration, Game Theory, Knot Theory, Combinatorics and the list goes on - absolutely superb - Click here

Assessment of Projects

An Assessment Rubric for Projects - Click here           
Assessment Rubrics for Problem Solving Activities - My pdf Version     docx Version        Wheel Version         Thermometer Version         Jigsaw Version for Younger Pupils

Four Structured Projects - 1. Bedroom Design; 2. Family Holiday; 3. Nutrition and 4. World Data

Each of these 4 projects have been structured in a similar manner:

Starter Activity using Mental Maths - I have called this Number Talks as the emphasis is on the discussion of the methods employed
Teaching Activity - This delivers some of the key teaching required to move the project forward
Task Activity - This is when Pupils work in groups tackling the project.
Pupils are assigned group roles and the work culminates in some form of group assessment whilst the teacher assesses using a red amber green assessment - Click here

Projects Used in KS3-4

STEM Engineering Challenges


Description: Check out these 5 engineering challenges for kids. All challenges require the use of wooden clothespins, binder clips, and craft sticks!

The Ultimate Paper Airplane Competition

by Michael at

Description: Working in groups, students must design and construct a paper airplane that can survive four rounds of performance tasks, including hang-time and distance.

Historical and Cultural

Numbers & Calculating History

Shell Centre - Plan a Trip
Shell Centre -
Paper Engineer
Shell Centre -
Shrewd Chooser
hell Centre -
Design a Board Game
Design a ...

Design & Decorate a House
Garden v1
Garden v2

Design a ...

Sports Centre
Theme Park v1     Theme Park v2

Sports Field

Project Based Maths (Year 9) The Golden Ratio Art and Mathematics Code Breaking
Pascal's Triangle 1
Pascal's Triangle 2
Nutrition Magic Primes
Christmas Activities ChristMaths Presents Carbon Footprint ChristMaths Elves
Planning Flights Computers Euro Disney Location
Handling Data Mobile Phone Deals Topology & Graph Theory Managing Money
Introducing Algebra Plan a Tournament Build a Farm STEM Projects
Proof Project NRICH Task BBHS Farm Project Easter Egg Hunt
Create & Bowland Puzzles World Statistics Creme Egg Activities
Decorating a House Family Holiday Cost of Christmas Misleading Data
Olympics Space Station BP Trading Game     Website Fractals
Dartboard Solutions using Parity Cake Shop Mathematical Art
Maths and the Co-op Primary Projects   Extra Projects needing Completion

Create Olympics Project - Save this file to your computer and extract the files and open the excel file - Click here

Free Project Based Ideas and Activities

have produced a wide range of activities based upon real life contexts to support the Free Standing Maths Qualification (FSMQ) accredited by AQA.  These resources are at 3 levels.

*  Foundation Level (Grades D-G)
*  Intermediate Level (Grades (A*-C) and
*  AS Level.

Within each topic area shown below there are Starters, Assignments and Skill Activities.

Foundation resources Intermediate resources Advanced resources
Making sense of data
Managing money
Working in 2- & 3-dimensions


Calculating finances
Handling and interpreting data
Using algebra, functions and graphs
Working with algebraic and graphical techniques
Modelling with calculus
Using and applying statistics
Using and applying decision mathematics


Colouring Problems including colouring a map - Click here
Graph Theory Problems - Click here
Algorithms for locating an Ice Cream Seller plus - Click here
Logic problems involving some telling the truth others not - Click here


Kangaroo Maths

Kangaroo maths have some project based resources on topics such as codes, Fibonacci and Pascal's triangle amongst others - Click here


USA TODAY allows students to study mathematics in real-world context while interpreting graphs and charts and analyzing data. From recognizing the importance of numbers in our language to solving Algebraic formulas USA TODAY can help students learn and understand the importance of math and its applications in every aspect of life.

Click here to view available resources


CREST - Crest is Britain’s largest national award scheme for project work in the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). It gives young people aged 11-19 opportunities to explore real world projects in an exciting way. CREST links closely to the curriculum and is a great way to make STEM creative and engaging – both in and out of the class

Click here to access Free Project Ideas


Finance - pfeg is an educational charity which offers teaching resources in the area of financial capability. Our school advisers work with teachers in primary, secondary and special schools, using the experience of pupils and schools to develop financial acumen in young people.

Click here to view available resources


Distance-Rate-Time Investigations in Air Traffic Control (ATC)
These resources provide students with some insight into the role of an Air Traffic Controller and includes a range of challenges and a simulator to develop strategies involving two planes to far more complicated scenarios

Project 1 - Line Up with Maths
Project 2 - FlyBy Maths


Millennium Maths Project - These free toolkits look at climate and sea ice models, GPS and cartography, how to predict future climate trends, and how to present statistical evidence, giving readers the chance to see familiar science and maths applied to real-life problems. Each toolkit is made up of a background article and two worksheets with guidance notes for teachers.
The overview article can be read on its own, or used as motivational material for the two worksheets. The worksheets are designed to promote group discussion of the topics, as well as provide hands-on activities.

MMP Statistics Toolkit
MMP Navigation Toolkit
MMP Modelling Toolkit


Maths Scavenger Hunt @TheMailbox 

Great activity based around searching for Mathematical items in magazines - Click here


Resources we used for a 2 day Bridge Building Project - Click here

Alternative Bridge Building Project - Click here 

And a one day Bridge Building Day - Click here for the activity      Click here for the Timetable they worked to


Reaction Time
Investigating whether boys or girls have faster reaction times.  

Instructions for pupils
General Information

James Dyson funded STEM projects, including Spaghetti Bridge, Marble Run, Cotton Reel Tank and many more - great for a cross curricular STEM day - Click here
For additional resources - Click here
MaxBoat - A variation of MaxBox where the aim is to find the box which supports the most weight

PowerPoint Presentation - Click here
Spreadsheet - Record of Results / Scatter Graph - Click here
Outline Lesson Plan - Click here


Pendulum Design  Problem solving activity – Design a pendulum that swings 60 times in a minute  

How to construct a Pendulum


Balloon Powered Racers
PowerPoint Introduction with rules
Instruction Sheet 1                    Instruction Sheet 2
YouTube: How to Build                Some Working Models


Cotton Reel Tanks
Construct a cotton reel tank using matchstick, elastic band, piece of tape and cotton reel.  Investigate how distances or speeds can be improved, collect continuous data and analyse.  

Instructions for construction

Estimation Problems Estimating lengths and heights. Solving problems involving distance, time and speed

Answer Sheet


Speed-Time Graphs
Drawing and interpreting distance-time graphs

Using a Data Logger to draw and match real life movements  

Using the Texas CBR (Contact your link Maths Advisor or Texas to borrow the equipment)
Lesson Notes
Running Man Applet
Speed Graphs
The Big Race Questions

Practical Circus
Finding the speed of various cars and of balls rolling along a track etc…
Discussing speeds of various objects and animals
Walking and running at different speeds in hall or on playground  
Animal Olympics
Series of questions with suggested websites related to the performances of animals

Pupil Question Sheet

Strategy Games
Several games of strategy that can be used for a competition

Counter Games
Simple Board Games - taken from
Breakthrough - this simple game is played on a chessboard and is taken from the many free board games found at this link

Logic Puzzles - These are an excellent way to train pupils to read details carefully and work together to discuss their mathematics - Click here


Resources Donated by Teachers

Breakfast Maths Looking at the Maths behind Cereal Boxes  
Wrapping Christmas Presents Introduction
Wrapping Paper
Calculations Sheet
Route Planner
Advent Christmas Linked Problem of the day
Construct Snowflakes
Paper Snowflakes
Design a Lunar Theme Park Task and Pupil Sheets.pdf
Task.doc             Pupil Record.xls

Original location - Lunar Theme Park
Jeremy Harris
Claire's Cubic Cafe
Timetabling Task and deciding shift patterns
Instructions and Script - You could make a video with someone reading the instructions.
Prompt Cards
Worksheet - I suggest they make their own
Chris Dale Maths Advisor

Used by Hardwick Middle School Yr5-8 G&T Day

Design a Room including Furniture Problem & Support Sheets Ash Mistry
Bemrose Community School, Derbyshire
Design a House The Crazy Golf House  
Rolling Polygons Loci

Rolling Loci - Pupil Sheet
NRICH Problem 1 - Speed of red dot
NRICH Problem 2 - Distance of red dot
NRICH Problem 3 - Distance of red dot
Create a Poster of the results

Ash Mistry
Bemrose Community School, Derbyshire
Initial Project Ideas Starting Points 1
Starting Points 2
Finance Week Preparation
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Student Booklet
Jane Marriott
Stella MacKenzie
Bungay High School
GCSE Research Project When do we us Algebra? L McMillan
Day Trip to Paris
Pupil Booklet
A Campbell
Fuel Consumption PowerPoint Introduction
Answer Sheet
G Tait
Edinburgh Trip PowerPoint Introduction
Air     Car     Train
M Cornforth
Rubbish PowerPoint M Jones
Captain Bligh PowerPoint P Holder
Plan a Trip to Africa Online Resource  
Mobius Bands PowerPoint M Greenaway
Offset Surveying Instruction Sheet  
Cost of Living Information to get pupils started M Greenaway
Containers A range of ideas related to Containers  
Coop Transport Problems set within the context of a supermarket M Greenaway
Carpet Laying Problems  
Bungee Jumping Modelling problem  
Journeys A range of ideas related to Journeys  
Loans Series of Spreadsheets Pfeg
Maths Trail PowerPoint Presentation St Mark's Ipswich
Slide Rules Making a Slide Rule
Online Slide Rules
Instructions Part A
Instructions Part B
Planning a series of Trips A series of 8 lessons set in the USA but adaptable  
Fractals Applet generating the Mandelbrot Set - Click here
Applet that allows you to change the seed and the value of c - Click here
Food Problems PowerPoint prompt for food related investigation  
Make a Sundial Instructions
Purchased Materials
The Liverpool Mathematical Society have produced an update to the CDRom which now comprises 250 mathematics puzzles designed for pupils from top juniors to upper sixth form students arranged in ten boxes of 25 puzzles.  These have been used in a number of Suffolk schools with LEA support.  They have been used:

*   As a one to two hour circus of activities with between 30 to 80 pupils working in threes
*   Within a normal lesson as a series of starter activities
*   For an open evening for parents to try

The CDRom (current price now £20) is available from Barry Grantham, Liverpool Hope University College, Hope Park, Liverpool, L16 9JD, UK

Tel: 0151 2913612
Fax 0151 2913163

For online details - where exemplars and ordering details can be found

In Design a Board Game, groups carefully design and produce their own board games. These games are then played and evaluated by other class members. This involves developing ideas from 2-dimensional shape-and-space, together with basic concepts of probability.

In Produce a Quiz Show students devise, schedule, run and evaluate their own classroom quizzes. This involves preparing, timing and testing questions using number and statistical concepts, planning room layouts, and scoring systems.

Outside Providers

The Enigma Schools Project

As part of its intention to promote the enjoyment of maths, the MMP has taken over Simon Singh's enormously popular Enigma Schools Project. We will visit your school with a WW2 Enigma machine and deliver code breaking workshops designed to engage students from 8 to 18 with mathematics by exploring cryptography through the ages.

Presentations are intended to be as interactive as possible, involving a circus of hands-on code-breaking activities, and can be adapted to suit audiences of all abilities from Year 4 to Year 13. Ideas for follow-up work and copies of Simon Singh's Code Book CD-ROM are provided