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Paper 1

1cm squares - Click here

2mm Graph Paper - Click here

1cm lined - Click here
Various Lined Paper Versions - Click here



Online Timer Up or Down - Click here

Scientific Calculator - Click here



With radians and degrees no fractions - Click here

Great set of online Calculators for finding Volumes, Ratio, Loans amongst others - Click here


Calculators and solvers

Excellent solver of Quadratic Equations which shows the working out for the three methods - Click here

Here you can find variety of powerful online math calculators and solvers for problems including polynomial equations, rational expressions, systems of equations, LCM, HCF, Sequences, vectors, matrices, complex numbers, analytic geometry, statistics - Click here

Paper 2

Various Dotty Paper Options - Click here

3 by3 Dotty Grids - Click here
4 by 4 Dotty Grids - Click here
5 by 5 Dotty Grids - Click here

Various Co-ordinate Grids - Click here

Other Resources

2D Graphs - Click here

Straight and Perpendicular Lines - Click here

3D Graphs - Click here


Dice and Spinners Options - Click here

One - Two or Three conventional dice - Click here


Other Resources

Geometry Set - Click here

Pin Board - Click here


Number Lines

Vertical Thermometer - Click here

Giant Number Line 0 - 100 - Click here
Giant -30 to 0 Extension - Click here

Horizontal Number Line - Click here

Vertical Number Line - Click here

Both from @MissBsResources


Noise Meter




Maths Mat (Thanks to Charlie Dawson - HoD Northgate High School)


Instructions for Use - Click here


IWB version


This is a PowerPoint presentation with hyperlinks and so you need to “View Show from Beginning”.


It opens with all the Maths mat facts. If you click on any item it will take you to the page that only has that fact. If you click again it will enlarge that fact. Then click Home to get back to the start.


There is one exception to the above: if you click on the Coke can the items will jiggle a bit and you enter a Kim’s game version, where every time you click, one item disappears to help the pupils identify where the facts are.


Similarly to the Kim’s game version happens if you click on the white space immediately underneath the Fraction Wall. This takes you to a blank screen where you can click on the screen and it will take you to that fact. When you click Back it will go back to this testing screen.


Turn Over button


If you click on Turn Over, it will take you to the Maths Toolkit page. Now you can click on one item and it will take you to that item. Clicking again will take you to more than one copy of that item so that you can teach the pupils how to use it.




If you click on Paper, it will take you to some possible backgrounds that might be useful (I will add to these). Choose the one you want


Maths MAT IWB Version - Click here

Pupil Maths MAT - Click here
Reverse of Maths MAT for printing - Click here