Level & Grade Descriptors

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Most of the following resources were taken from or adapted from those on Mark McCourt's excellent website www.emaths.co.uk

National Curriculum Descriptors - Levels 3-8

Number and Algebra - Mindmap Number and Algebra - Checklist
Shape and Space - Mindmap Shape and Space - Checklist
Handling Data - Mindmap Handling Data - Checklist
Pupil Checklist of all topics levels 4 to 8 Level Descriptors levels 1 to 6
Pupil Self Assessment Checklists  


GCSE Grade Descriptors - Mindmaps

A to A* Number A to A* Algebra A to A* Geometry A to A* Data
B to A Number B to A Algebra B to A Geometry B to A Data
C to B Number C to B Algebra C to B Geometry C to B Data
D to C Number D to C Algebra D to C Geometry D to C Data
E to D Number E to D Algebra E to D Geometry E to D Data
F to E Number F to E Algebra F to E Geometry F to E Data
G to F Number G to F Algebra G to F Geometry G to F Data


Number & Algebra - Grade E to A* Shape & Space - Grade E to A* Handling Data - Grade E to A*
  Higher Number Higher Angles... Higher Statistics
  Higher Equations Higher Mensuration Higher Probability
  Higher Expressions Higher Circle Theorems  
    Higher Transformations  


National Curriculum Levels and GCSE Grades

Detailed breakdown by both level and Grade allowing comparisons to be made - Click here

Detailed breakdown of each GCSE grade

Comparison of Content for each GCSE Grade                   Topic Checklists

Brief overview of each GCSE grade


Common Mistakes

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