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Number Based

Snakes - 100 Square Grid Consecutive Numbers Stairs Chessboard Problems Fibonacci
Flower Problem Tower of Hanoi Prisoners - Multiples Repeating Machine Chessboard Squares
VIsual Solution
Number Pyramids Magic Squares Converging Sequences  

Algebra Based

Barriers Maxbox Borders Cops of New York Crossings
Multilink Sequences Opposite Corners
T Shapes    -    Interactive Painted Cube
Painted Cube Ext Support
Painted Cube Extension
Pond Borders
Writing Frame
Sequence Grid Stairs Stay The Same Machine
Frogs Traditional Frogs Alternative Number Cells

Shape Based

Area Investigation Centre / Tilted Squares Coordinates 1 Coordinates 2 Fencing Problems
Spirolaterals Triangle Explorations Shape Investigations 1            Shape Investigations 2 Soma Cube
Some Cube Imagination
Geometric Patterns GeoBoard Skeletal Models (Higher)  

Data Based

HD Investigation Guidance Sorting Information Sequence Cards 1 Sequence Cards 2 Sequences Cards 3
HD Tasks        

KS5 Extended Investigations

Fancy something very substantial? Think about one of our challenging open investigations. These will take time and you will need to pose your own questions and make your own mathematical discoveries - Click here